Little Pub To Open Surfside Hotel Beachfront Pub In Stratford

James Gribbon

The owners of the Little Pub have announced they will open their next venture at the location of the former Marnick's on the Stratford seawall. Little Pub will also take over the attached seaside residence, which is being extensively redone, and renamed the Surfside Hotel. Expect the new pub to open on the beach this month, with the hotel opening shortly thereafter. Read on to see what Little Pub owner Doug Grabe had to tell CTBites...


How will the Little Pub aesthetic be transferred to a beachfront property like Marnick's?

It won’t be as much Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones in Cotswold England as the other Little Pubs.  It’s more "boat shop meets beach house, meets Captain Nemo/Jules Verne."  Design wise we’re having a blast - we built a 22 foot long boat for a bar. You’ll feel transported once you walk in. And you can’t beat the view.

We've  heard you're planning to continue with breakfast at the location, which has been very popular with Lordship, Stratford locals in the past. What types of dishes will you be serving for the early crowd? 

We are still working on that, but it will be a typical little pub menu with a mix of traditional breakfast items, traditional breakfast items with a twist, and then some really fun stuff.

Will the menu of items from other Little Pub locations carry over, or are you planning to do some new takes? 

We’ll take the greatest hits from the Little Pub menus and then add some more seafood offerings. Timmy’s always working on something, and we’ve been testing different dishes out all summer at the other locations.

What will the beer and cocktail offerings be, in general?

We’ll offer a curated beer list with a mix of local brewers on tap and the usual suspects in bottles and cans. For the outdoor patio bar we’ve revamped our entire cocktail program and have been experimenting with shrubs and Tiki cocktails, so expect umbrellas in your drink at some point, and offerings appropriate for day drinking in the sun.

What are your plans for the motel side?

The Surfside Hotel is currently undergoing a floor to ceiling remodel by ElCo Home, and should open in September. The Surfside will be like a Montauk or Cape Cod/Nantucket retro beachside boutique hotel, but open year-round, closer to home, half the price, and twice the fun.

Consider this your head's up, and stay tuned as CTBites brings you a first look at the space, the food, and beachside drinks at eastern Fairfield county's newest coastal getaway.