Rise Brewing Co: Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Made in CT

Brett Levy

Years of drinking bland and commonplace cups of coffee began to take a toll on Connecticut natives and founders of RISE Brewing Co., Hudson Gaines-Ross, Grant Gyesky, Jarrett McGovern, and Justin Weinstein. In 2014, they decided to take matters in their own hands by hitting the drawing board in their New York City apartments. Bean after bean, one roast and cold-brewing method after another, they finally created a cold brew coffee, making them the founders of RISE Brewing Company. Traversing the concrete jungle with their product, they asked experienced mixologists if it was the real deal. One day, in a Brooklyn café, the espresso machine broke; RISE cold brew came to the rescue, and was a hit amongst the customers. The product became available for purchase in July of 2017.

Curated from the peaks of Peru’s Chanchamayo Valley, RISE cold brew has a unique taste – creamy and energizing, smooth all the way down. I spoke with Melissa Kalimov, COO of RISE, who emphasized that the highest quality ingredients are necessary to fulfill the company’s goal––to create “high-quality, great-tasting beverages with the freshest organic ingredients” she said. 

A perfect compliment to the cold brew was on the horizon; it was just waiting to be found. The founders began to condition their coffee with nitrogen. Kalimov explained that “they attached a widget to the bottom of the can, which releases the gas into the cold brew.” The nitrogen gives the coffee its distinct clean finish, unmatched by any other name brand cup-of-joe.

The RISE Brewing Co. selects their distribution locations carefully. As of now, RISE is available in the Pacific Northwest, Florida, Chicago, NY, and, most importantly, they have a brewery in Stamford, Connecticut. The beloved cans are also for sale on Amazon for $33.24 per 12 cans!

Kalimov continued discussing how she and her co-workers are “committed to that (organic qualities) being their mantra” and they decided that there was “no compromise” in creating the product. The unwavering will and determination of the creators of RISE to create a pure product that they would drink is what makes the cold brew so special.

RISE Nitro Cold Brew is gluten free and non GMO. Find a can at a store near you.